The Good News of God’s compassion and justice is for all human beings.

Acting out of the core values of our Christian faith, the Greater Rochester Community of Churches Faith in Action Network gathers congregations and people from diverse communities to build relationships and support initiatives based on spiritual and community values that advocate, model, and celebrate basic human rights. We work toward the day when every child, youth, and adult feels safe, experiences support and care, and can discover ways to use their gifts for the good of the beloved community.


What is today the GRCC has gone by several corporate names: the Federation of Churches of Rochester and Monroe County (1919–1940), the Federation of Churches of Rochester and Vicinity (1940–1961), the Rochester Area Council of Churches (1961–1970), the Genesee Ecumenical Ministries (1970–1991), and the Greater Rochester Community of Churches (1991–2011). In 2011, the GRCC became officially known as the Greater Rochester Community of Churches Faith in Action Network.

Our call

As the Faith in Action Network, we work to promote:

  • a habitat for humanity
  • a beloved community
  • child literacy in the inner city and surrounding regions
  • financial literacy for youth and adults
  • a hospitable and welcoming county and city for new African and Asian refugees
  • a community ethically enriched by the legacies of Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Walter Raushenbusch, Helen Barrett Montgomery, Howard Thurman, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • a community alive with interfaith dialogues

We seek to be:

  • Responsive to our times
  • Progressive in our calls to action, engaging professionals and seekers, young and mature, in the work of compassion and justice
  • Inclusive as a partner to our area’s diverse communities of world faiths, ethnicities, justice organizations, and for joint worship and service opportunities

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